IELTS breaks the 1.5 million tests mark

IELTS has cemented its position as the world’s most popular high stakes English language test with latest figures revealing a record 1.5 million tests were taken around the world in 2010. Representing over 15 consecutive years of global growth, the number of tests taken has increased year-on-year annually since 1995.
North America followed by the Philippines and Hong Kong experienced the largest growth over the year, whilst China, Australia and India continue to retain their positions as the largest markets for IELTS.
Tony Pollock, Chief Executive of IDP: IELTS Australia, speaking on behalf of the three IELTS partners said, “We believe the increase in the number of IELTS tests taken can be attributed to two key factors. Firstly, we have seen greater test accessibility with 800 locations in 130 countries now available.
“There are also over 6,000 institutions globally that rely on the rigour and reliability of the IELTS test to make informed decisions where English language skills are a key requirement, including universities, employers, professional bodies and immigration authorities,” he continued.
IELTS provides a reliable measure of a candidate’s ability across the four skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking.
Candidates cited the number one reason for taking the test in 2010 was in pursuit of entry into an academic institution, followed by migration purposes.
“IELTS continues to help change people’s lives as they look for opportunities around the world – whether that be in education, for migration or employment. That’s why IELTS is a high stakes test and also why it’s so critical that the test continue to be a robust and rigorous measure of English language proficiency. “With 1.5 million tests delivered last year, it is clear that the effectiveness of IELTS in this regard is acknowledged by both candidates and those who use and rely on the test alike,” Mr Pollock concluded.

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Please note:
Pay full attention to the time limit mentioned in the form.
It may take six weeks to get your skills remarked. However, this may extend to eight weeks, depending on demand.
You must deposit 4,200,000 Rials into the bank account with the following information:
Bank Account Number: 105711104010401
Bank Account Name: Islamic Azad University, Examination Centre (Daneshgahe Azade Eslami, Markaz-e Azmoon)
Sarmayeh Bank
Total fee: 4,200,000 Rials
You will receive a full refund if your result is changed to a higher band score, but if there is no improvement to the original score, no new TRF will be issued and there will be no refund.

Test Report Form

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You may be asked to show your national ID card or passport (depending on your IELTS Application Form) when receiving the TRF.

Request for Refund or Test Date Transfer Form

Due to your medical problem, you should provide some medical documents within 5 days after your test date. This documentation must be in English and should be written in the hospital letterhead stating that you were not capable of taking the exam, signed and sealed. please consider that you should fill in the attached form and send it to IAU IELTS Centre via the following email address:
An administration charge of 1,000,000 Rials is made for this service.

Dear Candidates

There will be 25 more seats available for 12th of April both Academic and General Training Modules on Saturday 3rd March at 1 p.m. Those who are interested to register for the test, are asked to create and activate a profile on the website so that they can manage to register on time. Regards

قابل توجه داوطلبین محترم آزمون آيلتس دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی

ضمن تبریک فرارسیدن سال جدید به اطلاع می‌رساند نظر به آخرین اطلاعیه سازمان سنجش آموزش کشور درخصوص قیمت گزاری آزمون آیلتس در کلیه مراکز ایران، هزینه ثبت نام این مرکز برای آزمون‌های سال 1391 به 4.500.000 ریال تغییر خواهد یافت. به محض ابلاغ تاریخ اجرایی شدن این بخشنامه جزییات آن از سوی این مرکز اعلام می گردد. بدیهی است تنها مرجع رسمی آخرین اخبار در این خصوص سایت رسمی این مرکز به آدرس می‌باشد.

روابط عمومی سازمان سنجش آموزش کشور:

با توجه به اين‌كه بر اساس اعلام مراكز برگزار كننده آزمون آيلتس در ايران، امكان ادامه برگزاري آزمون با شهريه‌هاي فعلي در كشور وجود ندارد، لذا نظر به بررسي‌هاي صورت گرفته و محاسبه هزينه‌هاي برگزاري آزمون، شهريه ثبت‌نام داوطلبان تا اطلاع ثانوي چهار ميليون و پانصد هزار ريال تعيين گرديده است. ...

Taking into consideration the requests of IELTS test centers operating in Iran, the continuation of IELTS testing at the current test rates is not possible. Therefore following consultations and calculations of costs, the test fee for all centers in Iran shall be 4,500,000 Rials until further notice. …


Please note test dates listed here are subject to change without prior notice

Islamic Azad University IELTS centre (IR060) reserves the right to alter the information below if any of the dates conflict with Iranian National holidays.


Exam DateExam CitySeatsSpeaking FromSpeaking ToDeadline
16 August, 2014 Tehran 200 12 August, 2014 15 August, 2014 13 July, 2014
06 September, 2014 Tehran 140 02 September, 2014 05 September, 2014 03 August, 2014
27 September, 2014 Rasht 50 26 September, 2014 26 September, 2014 16 August, 2014
27 September, 2014 Shiraz 200 25 September, 2014 26 September, 2014 17 August, 2014
11 October, 2014 Tehran 250 10 October, 2014 10 October, 2014 27 August, 2014
25 October, 2014 Tehran 250 19 October, 2014 24 October, 2014 13 September, 2014
22 November, 2014 Tehran 200 16 November, 2014 21 November, 2014 06 October, 2014
06 December, 2014 Tehran 200 29 November, 2014 05 December, 2014 24 October, 2014


Exam DateExam CitySeatsSpeaking FromSpeaking ToDeadline
16 August, 2014 Tehran 150 12 August, 2014 15 August, 2014 13 July, 2014
06 September, 2014 Tehran 150 02 September, 2014 05 September, 2014 03 August, 2014
22 November, 2014 Tehran 250 16 November, 2014 21 November, 2014 06 October, 2014
06 December, 2014 Tehran 200 29 November, 2014 05 December, 2014 24 October, 2014